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Childhood: born in Provo, Utah, youngest child (sixth) of a BYU professor and the most amazing stay-at-home mom ever. From a devout LDS family that valued education and refinement. Moved to Minnesota at age three when my dad took a job as a Dean. Took a lot of ballet lessons (to age 12) and piano lessons; excelled in school but felt ostracized by my peers. Things were slightly better in middle school when I got into things like choir and drama. Moved back to Utah at age 15, which was really hard.
Young adulthood punctuated by travel: Africa at age 18, Europe at age 19, study abroad in London at age 20. Went to Brigham Young University on a National Merit scholarship and loved it. Majored in Geography so I could study everything from a spatial perspective. Earned a BS in 2000. Met my Badger at a student ward (church congregation just for students) my sophomore year and married him 10 months later in December 1999. He was a flight instructor at Utah Valley University.

Since then, we have lived where the Badger has a job and I have been a stay-at-home mom. Moved to Boise, Idaho in 2001, same year Bean was born. Loved Idaho, though the job wasn't great. Bought a house near Boise in 2002, Fish born in 2003, Roo in 2006. Bought a bigger house right after Roo was born and wanted to stay there forever, then a few months later the Badger got a better job on the Oregon Coast. We'd both dreamed of living on the coast, and it was fantastic. We lived there for all of 2007 and then they sold the plane he was flying. So we got a job in Kansas, where the Rabbit was born. Lived there about 18 months, then spent the winter of 2009/10 in Utah living with family and being unemployed. Then we moved on to our current setup in Oklahoma.

My main goals in life were always to have a happy marriage and be an excellent mom. I’ve obtained the first and I work very hard every day on the second. I enjoyed my education but I’ve never felt comfortable in the workforce. I have a passion for learning and a powerful creative drive but I feel very satisfied developing these at home with my family. I feel very blessed to be able to be doing what I always wanted most to do.