Friday, June 9, 2017


Here we are rocketing through June at lightning speed.  So much is going on.  Here is my latest dump of random pictures.

Frog's sailor suit still fits, mostly, and he loves to wear it to church.  Frog, you are awesome.  

Our stake did a race again this year... I wasn't feeling up to doing the 5K, so I decided to just do the mile fun run with the kids.  Which meant I ran/walked with Peanut and Frog at their pace.  It was fun.  

I cannot figure out how Bean has gotten so absolutely huge.  He was always a very normal-sized child.  Then all the sudden he just exploded.   He is strong as an ox, and has developed a reputation for being a hard worker.  People have been paying him quite well for help with arduous projects.  They and I also appreciate his cheerful temperament.

He recently attended BSA's National Youth Leadership Training.  I made him go, but he really enjoyed it and learned a lot. 

So, one of the twins' favorite activities is removing the heat vent covers.  It unearths a very interesting and mysterious hole.  Which you can then throw things down.  We have learned that if we stick a phone camera down there and take a picture with flash, we can see what they threw down there.  Yay technology!

It's the time of year I get to reorganize the homeschool room.  Blah.  

Another project I need to tackle this summer is the laundry room.  It's getting a little out of hand.  The clothing system has worked well, but other things need to be reorganized and decluttered.   The clothing system to which I refer is how my four middle kids (Roo, Rabbit, Peanut, and Frog) have all their clothes in a basket in the laundry room instead of a dresser in their room.  Saves me heaps of time on laundry because I never have to fold their clothes-- just toss them from the dryer into the basket.  And when we clean their room, the mess is never clothes, just toys.  I am glad we have enough room in our laundry room in this house to configure it like this because it has been so helpful. 

A couple random shots of current life.  

This one... I have no idea who took it, like most of the picture I find on my phone.  Most of which I delete.  But I'm keeping this one because it's one of those mundane things that I see every day, but 100 years from now my descendants are going to say, "wow, that's what your washing machine looked like?  Weird!"  So there you go.  

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