Sunday, May 28, 2017

Slices of May

Here are some random pictures I have taken lately. 

Roo and Rabbit had a piano recital.  They both played beautifully.  

Here's Frog deep in imagination-land.  The game involves his beloved rocking moose, as well as a bunch of stuffed animals and a small plastic penguin. 

Fidget spinners!  The fad toy of 2017!  I love them.  So do my kids.  Roo got the first one in our family, as a reward from her piano teacher.  We need a bunch more.  

I know this is totally a first world problem, but ever since we moved here we have had fridge space issues.  We bought this fridge in 2002 when we were a family of three and just moving into a new house.  It cost $400 new and we could barely afford it.  A move or two later, it became our second fridge in the garage, and that was so helpful.  When we got here, it was the only fridge we had, and we said,"we need to go buy another, bigger fridge and put this one back in the garage!"  But there's always something else to spend our money on, so here we are, two years later, still trying to stuff all our food into this thing.  Usually we succeed.  And I feel very blessed to have a fridge stuffed with food. 

Turns out Frog is rather good at sweeping.  

There was an end-of-year sports recognition ceremony.  Here's Bean with his football team.  

And finally, I leave you with one of about two dozen photos I have of the Rabbit practicing her cross eyes with my phone camera on selfie mode.  

You're welcome.  

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