Saturday, May 6, 2017


What a quiet morning I have had here.  The Badger took the middle kids camping last night, and the house is so different with just two toddlers and a teenager.

Said teenager and I indulged in Pizza Hut pizza last night.  I love Pizza Hut oh so very much, but yeah, it's bad for you.  Really bad.  So, a rare treat.  Bean was feeling bad because Plumfield had their Prom last night.  In a school as small as Plumfield, the whole high school goes, and it's a big deal.  Bean didn't think he wanted to go, since he's not old enough to date (though he could have gone stag) and since he doesn't have any good friends at school.  All these weeks leading up to it he kept hearing about it and saying "yeah, yeah, whatever."  Then when it was actually occurring he realized that he regretted not being there.  I remember feeling like that, so I tried to make the evening a little bit fun for him as compensation.  Pizza Hut was having a special for 50% off when you ordered online, so we got two pizzas for $15.  Oh man, the way their crust is so crispy on the bottom...

The world outside is so magically, gloriously, achingly beautiful right now.  Everything is so green and vibrant and alive.  I love May.  I'm still not sure how it got to be May so fast, but I am always happy for it to arrive.

I went out last night and worked on yard stuff.  Someone gave us an electric hedge trimmer and I decided to give it a try.  I had so much fun with it.  I felt like a child with a new toy.  We have some majorly overgrown boxwood bushes on the side of our house and I went at them.  They are transformed.  Then I did the top of the yew bush under the living room window, the one that always has to be kept nice and flat.  I have trimmed it by hand in the past, and it was so amazing to just wave this buzzy thing across it a couple times and be done.  I thought of my great great grandfather Stephen, who was a professional gardener in England, and I could imagine him saying, "boy, if I'd only had one of those... do you know how many hours I spent trimming bushes by hand?"  Electric hedge trimmers are my new BFF.

This morning I went out and weeded in front.  No one's invented an electric weeder yet, so I pull them out by hand, one at a time.  I find it soothing and enjoyable though, at least in small doses.

I also picked up a Bountiful Basket this morning.  Lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, which make me very happy.  Maybe that will make up for Pizza Hut.

Well, my noisy crew of campers has arrived, so I will go and help them unload.


Bethany C. said...

You are a great mom, and an awesome person just in general!

Birrd said...

Bethany, I love you! You are an awesome person too!