Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Pictures

I'm going through the pictures I've taken recently, and I'm going to throw a few on my blog.

The twins were invited to their first-ever birthday party.

They loved it once they figured out what a birthday party was.  Beforehand they had no clue, so they weren't excited.  I was glad to see them excited to see their friend, the birthday girl, when we pulled up in front of her house.  It's so cute to see them developing friendships.   

I'm grateful for good families we've met here that have great kids that are such good friends to my kids.  My little kids have such cute little friends right now.  I always imagine my kids growing up together with their little nursery friends and think how great it's going to be, and then we always move.  Maybe this time we'll stay put and I'll get to see Frog and Hayden and Matthew with their dates at their senior prom, Leaf and Twig with Kenzie and Hailey and Hannah and Molly at girls' camp, etc.  

My friend Jen has twin girls that are just four months older than mine, and they were at the party today.  It cracks me up talking to Jen, because she is adamant that my twins are identical and that her twins are not.  To me, her twins look identical, but she is just so sure that they look totally different from each other, just like I'm sure that mine look totally different.  I get comments on my twins and whether or not they're identical all the time, but it's really funny to me to have a fellow twin mom be so sure that my twins are identical when they look so different to me.  

Identical or not, they're cute.  Especially when they're asleep.  

Yesterday we went on a homeschool field trip to a nearby nature trail.  The Rabbit complained about going, but when we got there she loved it.  I told them to grab their nature journals, and when we got there they decided to go a nature scavenger hunt that's in there.  They got so into it, and they were so excited when they found everything on the list (we hunted and hunted for a feather and finally found one!)  I really like those nature journals (from the Good and the Beautiful.)

After that I needed to stop by Aldi.  I had all six kids with me because of the field trip and I'd forgotten how hard that is.  It was like having a herd of goats in the store.  I don't usually have to take more than one or two kids to the grocery store with me.  I have the luxury of being able to leave most of the kids home most of the time, and I'm grateful for that.  So many years I hauled all the kids with me everywhere all the time, it sure is a nice change.  

The twins get left home a lot, actually.  They are so used to me leaving and them staying that when I'm leaving they run to the door, ask for a hug and a kiss, then say "bye!" and slam the door behind me.  It kind of makes me sad, because they're not with me all the time like the older kids were.  But with two of them, that would just be too much.  

Here is a picture of Bean reciting Caedmon's Hymn in Old English at Plumfield's end-of-school-year concert.  Plumfield has transformed this boy of mine and I am so, so, so grateful.  

Also at the concert Bean and three others sang "Lida Rose."  Sorry, no picture.  That meant so much to me.  When Bean was very small his favorite movie was The Music Man and we watched it hundreds of times.  The barbershop quartet is one of my favorite things about that movie, so Bean doing barbershop was just priceless to me.  

I have been trying to get back into bread baking lately.  For months, I have not been doing it at all.  It was just one more thing to deal with.  Buying store bread gets so expensive though, so I'm making an effort.  It's so, so yummy, as well as cheaper and healthier.  

The twins are obsessed with toothbrushes.  I don't know whose those are in this picture.  I just know they aren't mine because I keep mine carefully out of reach.  The other members of the family would do well to follow suit.

They also liked the leis we picked up at a friend's graduation party.  Graduations are kind of freaking me out this year because these kids are not much older than Bean.  Three more years and I will start launching my little birdies.  I can't hardly imagine it.  

Here's a picnic under the trampoline on a beautiful day in May.  The Rabbit was the instigator, of course.  She loves to put things together.  She is always planning something, from a fancy meal to a neighborhood talent show.  

So many good and beautiful things in my life right now!  I am so grateful.

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