Monday, April 24, 2017

Last Break

I know it's almost the end of the school year, but we needed one last break, so this week we're off.  Six more weeks after that and we'll finish up June 9th.  That's not too bad, right?

This week off seems decadent after how BUSY I've been lately.  Plumfield is ramping up for all the usual end-of-school-year busyness: concerts and final projects and such.  Homeschool has been gearing down and down and down, but this is the busiest time of year for my new calling, which is scout committee chair.  I'm responsible for making sure all the ducks are in line for scout camp and high adventure, and there are more ducks than you have any idea.

Scout committee chair is one of those callings that is not in the limelight; no one ever thinks about it.  But there's a LOT that goes on behind the scenes with a scout troop, and if the committee chair is doing a good job, the troop runs smoothly and the boys have a much better experience.  So I am figuring out how to do a good job.  I want a quality program for all the boys in the ward as well as my own, and I am actually really glad to be in a position to help facilitate that.  At the moment though, with camp coming up, it just might be the most time-consuming calling I have ever had, and that includes Primary music leader and member of the Relief Society presidency.  No, I take that back.  I think directing the road show was the most time-consuming.  But this is a close second.  It's really good experience for me though.  I have not had a lot of leadership experience, and I feel like this is developing new abilities in me.

This week I need to really work on the yard.  I don't know, I just can't get the gardening bug this year.  I don't wanna be out there, I'm not excited to plant anything.  Weird, huh?  My front planting bed will look pretty good this year with minimal care, but not all my perennials survived and it would be good if I redesigned and replaced a little bit.  I think I can handle that, but the vegetable garden just overwhelms me.

Maybe I'll get a chance to finish at least the top of Peanut's quilt this week.  If I can get Roo off my sewing machine.  She is having so much fun with it.  It's a joy to watch her.

Fish started doing tae kwon do in February.  Recently he did his first belt test (I was really surprised at how much he learned in just a couple of months!) and he is very proud that he is now a yellow belt.  Tae kwon do is just what Fish needs.

I want to paint my front door blue.  I kept thinking I would do it the next break week, but here it is break week and I don't feel ready.  Painting kind of scares me right now, with twin two year olds in the house.

I never showed you the pictures of the new rug and stuff in the living room, did I?  The living room is slowly getting beautified.  I had a hard time with the rug at first because I really loved it, but it doesn't quite match the couch and chair.  I thought about taking it back and trying to find something else that did a better job of blending everything in the room together, but I decided not to.  For one thing, my couch and chair are getting old and beat up and ought to be replaced fairly soon-- at that point I can pick something that matches the rug.  So for now the colors in the living room don't quite harmonize, but it still looks a lot better than it used to.

Alright, let's put up a few pictures, and then I really should go to bed.

I forgot about this picture, taken at the end of February.  I was sure you'd want to see it.  You're welcome.

New living room rug.

I also bought this beautiful blue shelf for the living room.  And that lamp.  LOVE the lamp; if you know me well you will know that that lamp just screams Birrd.  I love it when I find things that just scream Birrd.

Living room looking the other way... as I said, a work in progress.  I found that bench for a really good deal and we're liking it.

Nighttime in the living room.  I've added some small mantel decorations since I took this.

Fish's belt test.  First of many, I hope.

Look at that happy Twig face.  Love love love.

Heading out to church Easter morning.  My teenagers didn't want to be in the picture.

My salvia out front came back nicely and is gorgeous right now.

Ditto the tickseed.  Almost all of my blanket flower died though.

Two little cuties off hunting for eggs.

Leaf loved her ring pop.

Look what Twig found!

Twig again.

Peanut finding words she recognizes.  She is making progress slowly but surely.

And, finally, I leave you with this picture, typical of my offspring.


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Bethany C. said...

LOVE these pictures! Your living room looks wonderful! I like the artwork you have on the walls. And that blue hutch and bench - exquisite!