Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Holy Week Activities

For the last several years I have really been trying to make a whole Easter season at our house, filled with fun and focused on Christ.  I have used and loved the "Discover the Joy of Easter" book by the Discover the Scriptures people, as well as other resources.  

Last week in Family Home Evening I asked the kids what Easter traditions they were looking forward to.  Which ones had become special to them?  I was surprised and pleased as they started eagerly naming off just about everything we've done: the passover dinner, our Palm Sunday reinactment, "resurrection rolls," the Easter tree, bird's nests, pax cakes, decorations, hot cross buns... 

So, despite the fact that I am crazy busy, we dove in and are trying to do most of the Holy Week activities this week.  Sometimes it's just fun, like making these candy bird's nests, but as we point everything back to the Savior, a beautiful spirit fills our home.  

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