Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

I love it that my boys are off school for Good Friday and the Badger is off work.  It's so nice to have everyone home. 

No one slept in this morning.  Bean still had Seminary (local public school district is not off today) and we are all in the habit of rising early.  Which is a good thing. 

First thing, I read the account of Jesus's trial and crucifixion to the kids.  I'm freshly amazed at my Savior's love each time I tell that story, and when you tell it to children and see it through their eyes it's a very moving experience. 

Roo and I mixed up a batch of hot cross buns.  I think we have the perfect recipe.  Roo did the frosting herself while I was outside working in the yard, and she didn't know to add more powdered sugar to thicken it up, so it was a bit runny, more like a glaze.  So delicious though. 

Here's some brotherly love going on.   These two are quite the pair, and they adore each other. 

Another shot of the skirts, all five of them together.  

Now I'm working on Peanut's quilt.  I love this pattern I found that uses a layer cake and a jelly roll (10 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch strips).  It's so easy to put together that it isn't overwhelming, yet it's not so simple that it's boring.  

Meanwhile, while I sew, the twins romp about making huge messes everywhere they turn. My goal this weekend is to get the house cleaned up, at least as clean as it can get.  Today we will do the upstairs (it's mostly done now except the bathrooms) and tomorrow we will do the main floor.  The homeschool room is particularly nasty at the moment.  The floor is absolutely horrifying. 

I clean things over and over and over again... dishes, laundry, floors.  And I think about God.  And how He delights in making order out of chaos.  And how He cleans us again and again and again.  It's all an ongoing process for Him just like my housework.  

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