Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break So Far

I have such a long list of things I would like to do during spring break!  It's wonderful to have a chance to shift gears and do different things. 

We flew kites!  We haven't done that in years.  I have always loved flying kites.  Fish found a cheap R2D2 kite at Walmart last week and I had to buy it for him because I have had a crush on R2D2 since I was three.  The kite flew just great. 

We deep cleaned the toy closet!  Yay for organized toys!

I have also been helping the boys to deep clean their room.  They are very capable of doing a basic cleaning of their room and so I almost never need to bother with it, but every few months I need to supervise a very thorough cleaning and organizing. 

We have played outside a LOT and jumped jumped jumped on that trampoline.  Love love love the trampoline.

We drove across a good chunk of lovely Kansas farmland to visit my amazing friend for an afternoon.  Six of her seven children plus my eight made for quite a lively house.  The kids enjoyed sword fighting and playing games on the Wii and chasing the cat while my friend and I had a lovely visit. 

This afternoon I had another biopsy done on the abnormal growth on my thyroid gland.  I had one done in 2011 and the results were benign, so that is the expected outcome, but it needs to be kept an eye on.  I have not been very stressed or worried about the procedure this time.   However, the after effects have been uncomfortable.  I don't remember this from the last biopsy.   I remember not enjoying having a needle stuck repeatedly in my neck, but I don't remember being anywhere near this sore afterward.  The rest of today was shot... I have pretty much been in bed trying not to move.  I hope I feel better tomorrow because...that list, you know?  So much I want and need to do. 

I am so grateful for my older kids.  Fish made a delicious dinner and they all have helped me today.  "Oh, Mom, it's okay, stay in bed.  We will take care of things."  So even if I'm out of commission tomorrow as well I know they will take care of me. 

And maybe I need rest more than anything else on that list of mine. 

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