Thursday, March 16, 2017

March Onward

Here it is the middle of March already.  There is a lot going on around here.  I will tell you about some of the things we have been doing lately.   

I bought a year subscription to for Peanut and Frog.  I have mixed feelings about these learning websites for little kids.  The boys did Starfall and the girls did Reading Eggs and I never felt like they really helped that much.  My kids somehow always managed to spend 80 percent of their time on the reward games or changing their avatar's hair and only a little bit of time actually doing the learning stuff.  However, I decided to give the world of online preschool learning another go.  I needed something to help Peanut review and solidify her letters and sounds... something that would help keep what I already was teaching her on her mind.  It is also useful to have something to keep Frog and Peanut busy and out of my hair while I work with the older girls.  Finally, it is a useful carrot: "once you finish this reading lesson with me you can be on abcmouse."  It is working great as a carrot and as a "keep them out of my hair" tool.  I don't know how much it's helping with the learning.  Peanut is doing better with her letters and sounds lately, but I can't tell if it's the website or just her maturing.  

Roo and Rabbit can't stop playing the piano.  They both are getting very comfortable with the notes on the staff, and so are finding that they can pick up and "read" so many books of music.  It's so fun for them right now they just want to play the piano all the time.  There's music in my home almost all day.  I love it, and it gets me to sit down and play more often myself.  I enjoy that.  I believe in the power of music.  I think it is an antidote to all this electronics addiction our kids (and us!) are experiencing.  

Meanwhile, the Rabbit has lost all motivation to do her school work.  I practically have to sit on her to get her to do anything.  She is going to be doing math into July.  Sigh. Maybe we just need a break.  We skipped our last break in favor of an earlier summer vacation, and then aligned our next break with Plumfield's spring break so we'd be out at the same time as the boys, which pushed it back two weeks.  So this coming break is long overdue and we're all desperately looking forward to it.  

Especially me.  My creative juices seem to rise up with the sap in early spring.  I need to Make Something.  I do not have time to Make Something.  But I Need to.  I bought fabric for another set of those cute skirts for my girls.  I am so glad that Roo doesn't think she is too old for them yet, but this may be the only time I make a set for all five of my girls.   It's been three years since I made the last set.  So this is important.  These skirts have been such a cherished part of their girlhoods.  

The line of fabric I chose for the skirts is "Poetry" by Moda.  Lovely, soft florals.  I love working with beautiful fabric.  It makes me so happy.  

I will try to get some pictures posted soon!

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Courtney said...

Now I totally want to buy fabric and make them for my 5 girls.