Friday, March 31, 2017

By the Fireside

Perhaps my favorite thing about this wonderful house we live in is that it has two wood-burning fireplaces.  One of them is in the living room, but the other is in the master bedroom!  Isn't that romantic and awesome?  

The first winter here we didn't do too many fires.  The wood we had was all pretty green and we were concerned about the twins getting burned.  This winter I was determined to do more.  

At the start of the winter, Fish was always happy to make a fire in the fireplace for me.  That was great for this busy mama:  all I had to do was say, "How about a fire?" and it happened.  Then Fish had a couple of experiences where he couldn't get a good draw up the chimney and the room started to fill with smoke and it set off the smoke alarm.  That stressed him out, and then he didn't want to build fires anymore.  I would have to pester him and beg him, and when he wouldn't I would try Bean, but I couldn't get Bean to do it either.  

During a good chunk of the winter we didn't have many fires.  I would look wistfully at the fireplace as I rushed past on my way to my next essential task.  As spring approached, I thought, "Noooo!  I am not ready for fireplace season to end!  I didn't get enough!"  It finally clicked in my head that if there were going to be fires I would need to build them. 
We have had some spells of colder weather lately and I have been building fires with great relish.  I love to build a fire in the living room fireplace and then watch as people come and curl up with books.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my family gathered around the fireside.  When they read aloud to each other, that's even better!  

AND THEN.... that upstairs fireplace!  Do you know how heavenly it is to lie in your nice cozy bed and watch the flickering flames?  Oh, the luxury!  

My sewing corner is next to the upstairs fireplace right now and I have discovered a new delight: sewing in front of a blazing fire.  Combine the deep sense of satisfaction of the creative process with the contentedness of sitting by the fireside and you have absolute bliss.  

These moments are rare and often cut short by twin mischief, but I enjoy what I can get.  

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