Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Signs of Spring

   February has not felt like February this year.  We have had the loveliest weather.  And early in the month I started seeing little green fingers poking up in my flower beds.

There were crocuses by the middle of the month.  

We might have daffodils before it's even March.  And I need to do some weeding.

My perennials are waking up.  This is my blanketflower.

I'm not ready for spring!  I like long winter evenings by the fire when my kids are at home and not running all over the neighborhood.  I am so busy with everything else in my life when I don't have to think about yardwork that I wonder how on earth I ever manage when I have to add weeding and pruning and mowing and mulching to the mix.

But then I remember how wonderful it is to get my hands in the dirt.  How happy and healthy the kids are when they spend hours outdoors in imaginative play.  How beautiful my flowers look when they're all blooming.

Yes, I think I can be ready for an early spring.

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

I can't even believe it's February . . . what is up?!?!?! But my kids have been running barefoot and climbing trees, so I'm not complaining at all :)