Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Leaf's Class

I would never have signed Leaf up for a gymnastics class if I hadn't had a voucher for a free one.  She's two... what's the point of signing her up for classes, right?  But I figured there was no point in letting the voucher go to waste.

Leaf LOVES her gymnastics class.  I have been very pleasantly surprised.  I have had so much fun taking her to the gym and watching her climb and balance and bounce.  I have long been a proponent of gymnastics for children-- the skills they develop in the gym spill over into every aspect of the rest of their lives.  But now I see that it can start when they are toddlers.  Balance, coordination, problem solving, listening, following directions... the list goes on.

Leaf excels at the climbing activities.  She hasn't figured out jumping yet, but the coach says that usually comes after they're two and a half.  It will be fun to watch her skills develop!

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