Wednesday, February 15, 2017


My oldest daughter is now eleven.

Oh Roo, what a blessing you are to this family.  You have always been a peacemaker in this home, with your gentle, calming influence, as well as your delightful, musical laugh.  But now your capabilities are increasing.  Not only can you bake and babysit and wield a broom, but your talents with decorating and beautifying are much appreciated.

Roo is an artist.  Her drawings are whimsical and charming.  She has a rich imagination.  She loves music.  She has recently become quite proficient in reading the notes on a music staff.  Lately it seems every time I turn around she is playing the piano, finding books on the music shelf that are at her level and just playing through them.  How fun this is to listen to.

For her birthday, she requested enchiladas and chocolate cake.  We had a wonderful time together celebrating our Roo.

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