Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Afternoon at the Park

We really have had some lovely weather lately.  I love that about Kansas winters.  Sometimes we have cold and snow, but we also have plenty of mild days.

Here are some pictures of a recent afternoon at the park.  I must say, I am not as good about taking the children to the park as I think I should be.  We don't go terribly often, and it's usually the Badger that instigates it.  Whenever we do go, I am always surprised at how much my children enjoy it.  It seems such an ordinary thing to do and it doesn't cost anything but gas.  And yet, the kids just love it.

This trip we all got a kick out of watching Leaf.  Leaf loves to climb.  She is fearless when it comes to climbing playground equipment.  Brave, determined, and sure-footed, she carefully makes her way to the top.

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