Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Trampoline

One of the highlights of life when I was a kid was jumping on trampolines.  We never had one ourselves, nor did any of our neighbors or close friends.  Trampolines weren't very common in Minnesota back then (they were much more common in Utah for some reason.)  But every now and then we were visiting someone (usually in Utah) and they had a trampoline.  And I thought it was heaven.  

I wanted my kids to have one, and that finally happened back in 2010 when our neighbor in Oklahoma gave us one.  We got so much mileage out of that thing.  The kids were Always jumping on it.  The novelty never wore off.  Bean practically lived on it for a couple of years.  

One day in 2014 it broke.  One of the metal joints just snapped, we think because we had it on uneven ground for awhile.  That was a sad day.  

I've been wanting to replace it ever since, and we finally did!  We had some money we set aside each month last year as an incentive to help us stay on track with our family scripture study.  We were going to use it on a family trip, but we decided to put it toward a trampoline instead.  We made it a birthday present for the Rabbit.  

Here is a picture I snapped while the Badger was still working on putting up the net.  You can see the kids couldn't wait!

I think we got a good one; I read lots of reviews before buying, and we didn't buy the cheapest one.  We also made sure we got one with a high weight limit because my football lineman son weighs more than the weight limit on most tramps, and he LOVES to jump.  

As I read those reviews, I read about how many people think backyard trampolines are too dangerous.  The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to have them banned.  

Yes, they are dangerous.  We had a broken arm with our last trampoline.  However.  We also had kids that were getting a TON of exercise and staying in better shape.  Also, they were spending a lot less time on screens and using their imagination more.  It was well worth it, and I think there are plenty of other things kids have and do that are just as dangerous.  

We are pretty excited about our new trampoline!

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Melissa said...

The AAP really wants them banned?! Yikes. I'm all for keeping kids safe (car seat fanatic, overprotective in lots of ways), but it seems like so many people want to bubble wrap kids these day. Kids need to exercise and move, have sensory experiences, test their own limits, etc. My kids flip all over the place on our trampoline and we've never had an injury.

~Melissa :)