Saturday, January 21, 2017

Stomach Flu Round Two

We are all down with the stomach flu again. 
If Christmas is the best time to have a big family, having the stomach flu just might be the worst. 
We're glad it's the weekend, though.  Also, we know it's just a 24 hour virus.
I am so, so, so grateful for toilets and running water.  And I could kiss my washing machine. 
I have appreciated the chance to take it easy today.  I spent a lot of time this morning on the computer going over book lists.  I have several reading lists for homeschool that I like to look at regularly so I can intergrate things into our curriculum.   It's a bit time-consuming searching for the books online: do either of the libraries we go to have it, and if not, which of the used book sites does?  Or do I have to buy it from Amazon?  And then I  make and manage long wish lists. 
I enjoy doing this.  I love books.  I love lists.  I love shopping online.  But it is extremely time-consuming. 
Perfect for a day when you have the stomach flu and are not well enough to do anything else.  I was supposed to deep clean the upstairs today.   Instead I got to sit in front of the computer like a slug with absolutely no guilt!
I also worked on Shutterfly photo books.  I also enjoy making those.  I love that my children love looking through our shelf of photo books.  Maybe sometime I will try this new Chat Books thing that is all the rage, but I don't know... it is time consuming, but I do like being able to carefully create the book myself. 
You know how sometimes you don't realize a gift or talent you have because it comes so naturally to you that you just assume everyone is that way?   Sometimes it takes a long time to realize what is special about you because it seems so obvioius.  "Well, of course I can grow a garden, everybody does that.  I wish I some awesome talent like upside down ostrich racing." 
I have been thinking lately about how I have the gift of record keeping.  It's not a glamorous gift, but it's an important one.  I know my posterity will appreciate my efforts, just like I appreciate the efforts of my mother, from whom I inherit this gift. 
I also appreciate my own efforts.  Sometimes late at night when I am up with the twins I get lost for ages reading old blog posts of mine.  It always reminds me that I want to blog more because I want to record as much as I can about these precious years while my children are growing. 
I know not everyone records details of their life and that's okay.  I certainly don't want to make anyone feel guilty who doesn't do that.  It's just something that's extra important to me.  I am the girl who when visiting Grandma's house as a child, went straight for the shelf of old photo albums and stayed there until I had looked at all of them. 
I betcha I will have some grandchildren that will do the same thing.  Some of them will have this same interest in family records.  They will love my old photo books, and this blog.  It's fun to imagine them reading this so many years from now. 


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Urgh! You have my sympathy. We've had all 14 of us down with influenza A and a couple of other viruses. It's been crazy-long and exhausting for us all. We're just about well and hoping, hoping, hoping the rest of the winter will be healthy for us.

Hoping the same for you!!!!

Bethany C. said...

Record keeping is a pretty awesome talent, if you ask me! Just a side note, you CAN control/create your own photo books with chatbooks instead of having them automaically add phtos and ship the book. Also, I found a cool free online journal program that I'm liking so far. It's called JRNL, if you're interested.

Keep blogging!!