Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Preschool Today

Frog's preschool co-op has just been wonderful this year.  There are just four kiddos in it, and they are all easy-going and tractable.   Having preschool here at our house doesn't stress me like it did when I did this with Bean so many years ago, partly because it's a small, well-behaved group and partly because I have so much more experience under my belt. 

I also have a house full of fun toys and activities that are great for preschoolers, since I have been collecting homeschool stuff for all these years.   And then there is Pinterest, my go-to for fun crafts and projects.  

I also have Roo and Rabbit, who both love to help.  Having an extra pair of hands is so helpful, especially with a tricky craft or when serving snacks.  I feel very lucky to have two girls who are old enough to help and who enjoy it.

Today we had preschool here and it was fun.  We played with Wikki Stix and blocks.  We made little booklets about the letter R.  We read a book about rain and a book about a rabbit.  We ate bananas and graham crackers.  We put together an ABC floor puzzle.  We played Zingo.  It was simple and fun.  Other weeks I have done more complicated things like making shaving cream rain clouds and snow dough out of baking soda and hair conditioner.   I always overplan, too, and have to remind myself frequently that simple is best, lots of unstructured play time is so important, and it always takes them longer to do stuff than I think it will.

Peanut loves participate also, and it's great to have her in the group too.  One of the other moms is also a homeschooler, and her oldest is a Kindergarten-aged boy, so she has been letting Peanut come to her house the weeks she teaches so her son will have someone to play with.  Peanut loves that, and those weeks are so nice because then it's just me, Roo, Rabbit, and the twins for a few hours and we really get a lot done.  I also love the weeks when just Frog goes and I have a little more attention just for Peanut. 

It has been fun to watch Frog grow and learn this year.  He is catching on quickly to his letters and numbers.  He can handle scissors better and better.  He is still working on learning to write his name, but he will get there soon.  

I am so grateful for the preschool co-op!

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

You make me want to have a preschool co-op, but I have more than 4 preschoolers in my own household, and none of them are tractable or easy-going. :)

Never mind, I'll just enjoy reading about yours while I keep doing the best I can to maintain our family co-op.