Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I am going to just blab about stuff going on around here lately. 

The kids got out the Citibloks for the first time in awhile and they are having so much fun with them.   I love rotating our toys so that this happens.  And I love Citibloks.  The kids really use their imaginations because the blocks are so simple.  It's like the opposite of screen time... and I think my kids get way too much screen time (even though I am always trying to put a lid on it!)  So I am always happy to see them doing whole-brain activities like playing outside or building with simple blocks. 

The Badger just shaved off the beard he was growing and I'm sad.  Every couple of years or so he starts to grow a beard.   I never thought I liked facial hair much, but dang!  It looks so good on him.  But what always happens is that just when it is starting to look really really good, he shaves it off.  He said it was itching and driving him crazy.  He said it bugs him when it rubs against his pillow at night.  Sigh.   Too bad.  I didn't even get a picture first. 

I am trying to be more organized.  I love how January gives me the chance to start fresh.  I just assigned each of my five oldest kids a night to make dinner.  I will assist as needed (heavily, in the case of Peanut) but they get to pick the main dish and make it.  They also each have another different night when they are assigned to make a salad or vegetable.  This tackles a long-standing problem in our household: we are good at making main dishes for dinner but not so good at making healthy side dishes, so we fill up on the typically cheesy, meaty, carb-heavy main dish and end up eating way more calories and way less fiber than we need.  So I am excited about this new system.  It will require more planning and organization on my part, but the kids like to cook and I think they will respond well to having an expected weekly chef turn.  Plus they will gain lots of new cooking skills.   That makes me happy.  

I am still trying to figure out a workout routine.  I gained about 7 pounds during the holidays  being a sloth and eating everything sweet I could get my hands on.  It was great short-term, but that is not how I want to live my life all the time.  I am eager to get back into exercising and eating sensibly, but the exercise part is so hard for a mother of a large family.   I feel like I really don't have time to go exercise without something or someone suffering for it.  And yet, if I don't exercise, the whole family and I will suffer for that.  It's a catch-22.  

Frog likes rhyming words.  He's very cute about it.  (Frog is very cute in general.)  Just in the last few days he has started composing poetry.  I will leave you with a poem he told me today, followed by a picture of the Rabbit with a Citiblok creation.  

Frog's Poem

I woke up one morning

And came down the stairs

Octopuses everywhere!

But no bears.   


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

That poem is so so so cute. 😊

And I agree with you about the exercise catch-22. It's so hard!!

Bethany C. said...

Frog is a genius! Love his poem.