Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grumpy Dragon

Every fall, when the Rainbow Resource Center toy catalog comes, my kids spend hours pouring over it and picking out all the things they would like to have.  I have no problem with this because the toys in the catalog are educational and quality, and I always make a big order from Rainbow Resource  at Christmas time.  

The kids all know I like to buy high quality plastic figures  (Schleich or Safari brands) so they pay special attention to those in the catalog.   This year there was one they all immediately wanted.  I saw him and knew we needed him at our house, so I bought.   Then I couldn't decide who to give him to since everyone wanted him, so I put him on the mantel and he was there looking down on us on Christmas morning.  He's still there.  I believe he is going to be a long-standing household icon. 

Meet Grumpy Dragon.   He makes me smile. 

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