Sunday, January 15, 2017

Divide and Conquer

Guess who gets to go run errands with Mom and who is staying home?

This was the other day when it was really cold outside.  I only have on of those snowsuits, so I'm glad I can usually leave one or both twins at home when I go places!

For years, I hauled all my kids with me almost every time I went anywhere.  Especially since I homeschooled.  My kids learned to roll with it, and they became good travelers and shoppers.  Most of the time I didn't mind packing them around with me.  People said, though, "just wait until you have one old enough to babysit!  It is such a game changer!"

It was nice when Bean was old enough to tend a little bit, which was around the time that Frog was born.  But I still didn't mind taking all the kids with me places.

Until I had twins.

I can't tell you how grateful I have been over the last two years for all my older helpers!  If I have to take the twins with me somewhere, I have help getting them in and out of the car.  And usually, I don't have to bring both of them with me.  In fact, often I don't have to bring either one with me!

I like to take just one of them along though.  I like to separate them for a bit and give me a chance to just enjoy one of them on their own and the other a chance to play at home without always having someone their same age right there.  Of course that companionship is a blessing of being a twin, but I think sometimes they need a break.  I know I do!

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