Monday, January 16, 2017

Circulatory Activities

This year I have been really trying hard to do better at science.  In the past, science has been the weakest part of my homeschool, usually devolving into simply reading aloud the text of the Apologia science books and that's it. 

I love the Apologia science books and there's so much in them.  This year I bought Roo and Rabbit each one of the notebooking journals that go with the texts, and I have been requiring them to fill them out.  They are a really excellent supplement to the text, and the girls have done pretty well with them. 

I also have been doing my best to do as many of the activities and experiments in the book as we can.  We have done most of them, and they have been really fun and memorable. 
We just finished up the unit on blood, circulation, and the heart.  We got to make a "model" of the heart out of graham crackers, frosting, and marshmallows.   Kind of silly, but it really makes it memorable for them.  They loved it, even though I was out of red food coloring and we had to use purple.

We were also encouraged to buy blood type test kits and use them.  I ordered some from Amazon and the girls bravely let me prick their fingers and squeeze out four drops of blood.  The Rabbit's results were no shock: A+, which is the same type as both her parents.  But Roo's test was a fun surprise.  Turns out she's O+.  My mother is O, so I knew I carried that recessive gene, but apparently the Badger carries it as well, or else Roo could not be O.  I must figure out where he got that gene. 
It really doesn't take that much more time and effort to do these extra projects, and they sure make science a lot more interesting and memorable!

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Unknown said...

Grandpa says he's A+. I am O+ So that's where Roo got her O, and her Dad