Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Perfect Birthday Party

Recently we had a combined birthday party for Peanut and Frog.  I waited until after the holidays, so it was a few weeks after their actual birthdays.  This was the first time either of them had had a friend birthday party, and I wanted to make it really special for them.  We usually give them their first friend party when they turn four, but for Peanut that happened right when the twins were being born.  I don't think she really noticed at the time, but I did.  So I wanted her to have a really fun party.

When I thought about what to do with a hoard of kids between the ages of 3 and 7, I thought, "well, they need to be able to run and jump and scream."  So I rented one of those places that are full of giant inflatable things you can jump and climb and slide on.  They allowed me a generous amount of guests, so we ended up with twenty or so kids, in addition to my eight kids and the adults that were there.

All the kids ran and jumped and screamed to their hearts' content.  Many of the adults did as well.  I, myself, did a fair bit of running and jumping (maybe not much screaming though.)

It was just so much fun.

Here's Frog blowing out candles...

One of my friends MADE Peanut and Frog these adorable dinosaur tails as their gift... Twig loves them too!

Fish and Bean didn't want to come to the party.  Oh, teenagers!  Just a couple years ago and they would have just died to be there.  Well, I dragged them along anyway.  Once Fish got jumping around, he had a marvelous time.  Bean jumped a little bit, then curled up in the corner with a fantasy novel.

But see, that's why I wanted to do this.  Because I know that one day they won't want to anymore.  I gotta milk these years for all they're worth.

The giant slide was a blast.

The twins had the time of their lives.  It was great having a venue where they could have as much fun as everyone else.  There was a toddler jumping area and they enjoyed that a lot, but they also tried all the big kid stuff too, even the big slide.  They loved it.

Happy birthday, sweet Peanut!  I am so glad I could celebrate you with this fabulous party!

The Badger had so much fun.  In addition to shooting hoops with Fish, he enjoyed racing through the obstacle course.  He beat me both times I raced him.

It was just a wonderful, wonderful time for all of us!

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