Wednesday, December 7, 2016


We made it to two years with the twins.  I think we should get an extra special prize.  Actually, we do: we get to look at all this cuteness every day.  

Granted, the cuteness is usually in the process of tearing our house apart, but sometimes there are moments like this, and they are just the sweetest:

Someone I was talking to recently described twins as a "tornado of wonderful."  Yep.

Here are some pictures from their family birthday party.  They each got a board book and a Fisher Price Little People play set.  Then we served mini Nutella cheesecakes (which were to die for, by the way.)  It was a lovely birthday.

And now we embark on Year Three.  This will be a big year with lots of changes.  On one hand, I can't wait.  Up to only one more year of diapers is definitely something to be excited about.   On the other hand, I am glad that they are still babies for just a little bit longer.

Right now their language is exploding.  It's so fun to listen to them talk and repeat back what we say. My favorite is when they jabber at each other, like the long conversations they sometimes have while we're riding in the car.

They love stuffed animals and dolls and toothbrushes and chocolate.  They love to play outside, feed themselves with a spoon, climb on the counters, and unload the pantry so they can climb inside it.

They are still rather terrible sleepers.  That is one thing that can only get better from here on out, right?

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