Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Babysitters Club

More childhood memories from Birrd...  when I was Roo's age, I LOVED the Babysitter's Club series by Ann M. Martin.I was very self-conscious about the fact that older kids made fun of these books as being stupid and babyish, so I kept my adoration to myself.

I learned so much from the Babysitter's Club.  I was just at the age where I was starting to really be able to see something from someone else's perspective, and so as I put myself into the shoes of Kristy, MaryAnn, Claudia, and Stacy, I learned a great deal about life and people.

Ann M. Martin tackled a lot of life issues in these books, explaining them in a way that tweens could understand.  I learned for the first time about autism, diabetes and strokes.  I learned how it feels to be a twin, a middle child, and an only child.  I learned about divorce and remarriage and blended families.  I saw the perils of the world of child beauty pageants.  I learned how to pronounce "filet mignon."  And I learned a ton of great babysitting tips.

I owned the first thirty books or so (they kind of went downhill after that, as they were written by ghost writers.)  At one point when I was beginning to outgrow them and my family was moving, my mother encouraged me to sell them at our garage sale.  I did (they went like hotcakes!) but many times over the years I have regretted it.

Lately, with Roo and the Rabbit being at *that* age, I have been looking for them at the library.  Recently I found that someone has rewritten some of them as graphic novels.  At first I was appalled, but I decided to give them a chance.  They're actually pretty cute, and my girls are loving them.

I'm glad they're getting into these.  It makes me feel very nostalgic.  And kind of old.  But it's nice sharing somethin with my girls that I loved so much when I was their age.

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