Friday, December 9, 2016

Some Random Recent Pictures

Peanut and Frog "playing chess"

A mock apple pie we made as a science experiment while Cousin Veeblek was here.... it's made mostly with Ritz crackers, adding cream of tartar to give it the necessary acidity.  It was surprisingly apple-pie-like and quite delicious.

Bean and Leaf watching Piano Guys videos

Peanut reading in the living room

How the Rabbit got the birthday decorations hung on the ceiling...

Thanksgiving means jigsaw puzzles... I love jigsaw puzzles.  It's a guilty indulgence because they seem like such a frivolous use of time for this busy, busy mama.  But I love them, and I'm good at them.  I love to have one out Thanksgiving weekend, as well as during Christmas and New Year's.  A lot of years we haven't had any because of all the little kids underfoot, but this year I took the risk and we managed it pretty well, so I'm feeling pretty happy that the jigsaw puzzle famine in my life seems to be coming to an end.  We build them, take a picture, and then mess them up so we can do them again in a couple years.  I'm looking forward to lots of Holiday jigsaw puzzles in my future.

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