Friday, December 9, 2016


I'm glad Peanut is six now.  She is finally starting to not act like a baby all the time, and I'm ready for that.  I have noticed a big step forward in her comprehension and awareness of the world around her and that's really neat to see.  It's really fun to have her be able to do more things like help me in the kitchen.  I love having a front row seat to her learning to read and write.  I love that she enjoys listening to my read-alouds.  She often feels more like one of the big kids.  But she is still little and cute, and most of the time she is definitely one of the little ones.  Like how I wake up every morning with her draped across my feet.  And how she still has to have her "specially blanket."

In the family dynamic, she interacts the most with Frog.  They fight a lot.  But they also play together beautifully.  I am glad they have each other.  I know Peanut feels left out because of the things her older sisters are able to do that she isn't allowed to (like playing at the neighbors' house) and I also know she has a hard time with all the attention I give the twins.  I consciously try to do things just for her to help her know how loved and special she is.  It never seems like enough... I know she really struggles still.  But I hope that someday when she looks back she can understand and accept that I really did try my best.

I would like to see her have more opportunities for friend time, so I'm working on that.  I am also hoping that in the coming year I can sign her up for a dance or gymnastics class so that she has something special that she does outside of our home.  I think that would help her a lot.

She is really close to the Badger, and it's very heartwarming to see her as "daddy's little girl."  And she does get along pretty well with her older sisters usually.

For her birthday, we gave her a Lego set and a book, James Herriot's Treasury for Children.  She was thrilled with both.  We had hamburgers and Cheetos for dinner at her request, and then brownie sundaes later.

Peanut, like most girls her age in 2016 America, is obsessed with Elsa from Frozen.  This is funny to me because I'm not a huge Disney fan and she's only seen the movie a few times.  But light blue and turquoise are her favorite colors because they're "Elsa colors."  My older girls used to fight over the pink plate; Peanut has to have the blue "Elsa plate."  She also names everything Elsa.  I bought her a generic ice princess dress for Christmas last year and she wears it All The Time.  

She also loves to draw, sing, build with Legos, play outside, and play dressup.  She also loves fairies.  She used to do this thing when I was working in the garden last summer where she would come up to me and speak in a different voice, pretending to be a fairy of some kind (maybe a leaf fairy or a grass fairy or some such.)  We would have interesting little conversations about fairy land while I pulled weeds.  Those were sweet moments.    

I love my Peanut so much.  I'm excited for this next year and all it will bring for her!

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