Friday, December 9, 2016


Frog is now four!  Can you believe it?  I am actually really excited about Frog being four.  Having him be a bit older and more independent but still very little and cute sounds just great to me.  Same with Peanut and the twins... I don't know when I've been so excited for my kids to have birthdays.  I know in a couple years I will want them all to Stop Growing.  Right now is kind of a golden window.  I know this, and I am trying to really savor it.

Anyway, Frog.  Let me tell you about this marvelous little boy.  He is a delight.  He is fairly calm and mild-mannered most of the time.  He is conscientious and detail-oriented.  I always smile when I fold his socks.  When Bean and Fish were little, their socks were a royal mess.  They were always shockingly filthy and full of mysterious holes, or outright missing.  Frog's socks are always neat and clean and generally come through the laundry in pairs.  Frog likes his clothes.  He likes having certain clothes for certain things.  The sandals I bought him at the beginning of the summer were always the "summer sandals."  We're going to the library?  He wants to make sure he is wearing "library clothes."  He loves his boat shirt and his "frog marching" shirt and his airplane shirt.  He has no problem with me dressing him up in bow ties and knickers or sailor suits on Sunday.

Like Bean at his age, he tends to stutter, so we remind him to go slow.  He HATES to be interrupted, which is a problem in this busy house, where someone calls out "Mom?" every 1.6 seconds.  If he is trying to get a sentence out and someone else in the room says something, he will get mad and then start over.  When this happens three or four times, he will throw a fit.  This can be a real trial to my patience.

I could see Frog becoming an engineer or an architect.  He likes to build and he's careful and thoughtful about it.  When Fish was five, I bought him a Gears! Gears! Gears! building set for Christmas.  It wasn't his thing and he never really got into it.  But I hung onto it, and now Frog loves it.  So I bought him another one for his birthday (Movin' Monkeys this time) and he was pretty excited.  I love seeing him actually paying attention to how the gears work and the parts fit together.

He is really loving his preschool co-op.  I wouldn't say he's an extrovert, but he does enjoy the social interaction.  He's very bright and is doing extremely well learning his letters and stuff.

For his birthday, we had hamburgers again.  We did gourmet donuts for dessert.  Our local donut shop makes one that looks like Cookie Monster and that's what he wanted.

I just realized I don't have the pictures here on the computer.  I shall have to post them later.  But here is a recent picture of my darling Frog, wearing Cousin Veeblek's glasses and hamming it up for the camera as usual.

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