Friday, December 2, 2016

Cousin Veeblek Comes to Visit

So, I have this nephew. I was ten when he was born and I worked hard to curry favor with him when he was a small child. I wanted to be his awesome favorite aunt. We had a lot of fun together. Apparently my scheme worked. Now, he is an adult, married, with two small children, and he and I are great friends. I am still the awesome aunt, apparently. So much so that when he and his wife were discussing what to do with his vacation time at work they said "let's fly out to Kansas and see Aunt Birrd."

 Kansas is not a happening vacation destination. They had plane vouchers and they could have gone to Disneyland or something. But no, they just wanted to come hang out with us and do everyday sort of stuff. Isn't that fun?

 And fun we had! They came for Halloween and stayed for a week afterward and we just did mostly normal stuff, only it was fun because they were there. Cousin Veeblek and his wife are some of the most giving, servant-hearted people I know. They kept cooking dinner and babysitting for me and offering to do all kinds of stuff to help. Also, Cousin Veeblek is one of those fun-loving, life-of-the-party personality types. Having him around was a constant party. I don't know when I've laughed so much.

The kids all adored him too.  But I think my girls adore his wife even more because she does hair.  And nails.  And makeup.  And all that beauty stuff that I am awful at.  She really is amazing.

Maybe my favorite thing about having them here is that they are both people with whom you can have a calm, intelligent, rational discussion, even about controversial issues.  Like our recent presidential election, which happened while they were here.  I stayed on the periphery of the social media drama that was going on related to the election, reading various viewpoints but staying out of the heated debates (and worse!) that were occurring.  I tend to avoid arguments and conflict as much as possible.  I am the type that clams up about how I really feel about something unless I know I am with someone who will listen fairly to what I have to say.  Which is why I enjoyed conversations with my nephew and his wife so much.

I wish I had more pictures from their visit.  We had such a fun time having them here, and now my children think they are the awesomest cousins.  Thank you, Cousin Veeblek and family, for coming all the way to Kansas to see us!

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