Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve.  

We had a turkey dinner.  The Badger always cooks turkey for our Holiday dinners and he always serves it after he has removed all the meat from the bones and put it in a casserole dish.  The kids always complain: "why can't we have a whole turkey on the table like in all the pictures and movies?"   The Badger always says "because it's easier this way."  Well, this time he decided to humor them and serve it whole on the table.  They were so happy.  

Oh, man, I am having a hard time looking at this picture.  When we ate this meal, I was starting to come down with the stomach flu, so looking at this makes me feel queasy.  I won't be able to eat turkey dinner again for a long time.  

Christmas jammies... eight pairs!  Some years I wrap them up.  This year I didn't bother, I just laid them all out on my bed.

The lack of wrapping paper did not produce a lack of excitement.  Simplify for the win!

Okay, so I love my tree.  I think it's beautiful at night when it's all lit up with all those pretty white lights.  During the day I notice that it actually looks pretty awful.  There are no ornaments on the bottom half, and the ornaments on the top are nowhere near artistically arranged.  Our star on top stopped working and won't stay up, so it's flopped over and unlit.  I went to go buy a new one and, gee whiz!  They were like $35 or so.  I'll try to pick one up on clearance now that Christmas is over.  Meanwhile, I should probably have taken the old star down, but I never seemed to get around to it.  Oh well.  At night the tree still looks lovely.  Christmas trees are magical, even ones entirely decorated by young children.  Especially ones entirely decorated by young children.

Twig clocked out early in the evening...

We acted out the Nativity with our set of puppets that we've had for years.  The kids really love those puppets.  (Thanks again, Julie!)

Then we set out our stockings and went to bed...

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