Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Very Merry Christmas!

In my last post I mentioned a puking Twig.  Remember that? 

The stomach flu is visiting our house for Christmas, on top of the hacking-cough-cold.  Some have one, some have the other, poor Frog has both. 

There may have been a time earlier in my parenting career when I felt that this had ruined our Christmas.  I might have been upset or depressed or both. 

I don't feel that way though.  First of all, there are ten people in this house.   This time of year, there is almost always someone sick.   It's almost inevitable that there will be some kind of crud making its rounds on December 24th.  The stomach flu is more rare and definitely more dreaded, but I have known it was going around lately and I knew it was only a matter of time before it popped up here.  The timing was unfortunate, sure.

But I am just way too aware of so many people that are having a hard time right now.  I think of Aleppo, which I know is just the tip of the iceberg of war and suffering in this world, and I just can't complain.  Here we all are, warm and safe and ridiculously well-fed.  Together.  With an abundance of wonderful gifts.  And a washing machine to take care of all that extra laundry.  

We opened our presents early, as is our custom when Christmas Day falls on a Sunday.  I sat through the glorious unwrapping fighting nausea from my own bout with the stomach virus.  But it's just a 24 hour virus, not a chronic disease.  I will be better soon and we have a whole week of school vacation ahead of us.  The Badger even has several days off of work-- what a treat! 

I love being a mom at Christmas.   I love giving things to my children that I know will make them so happy.   It's so fun to pick out the right thing or things for each child and then see their faces when they open them.  I also love seeing them excited to give gifts to each other.  This year Bean had quite a wad of cash from a part-time job he has and he was quite generous in his Christmas giving.  The Rabbit worked very hard to make a homemade coloring book for Peanut... it is really a beautiful treasure.   Roo picked out something in a catalog that she just knew the twins would love, so I bought it for her to give them.  They do just love it and she is so pleased.   These moments are enormously satisfying to me as a mother. 

So, it is a very Merry Christmas at our house this year, despite the chorus of coughing and the faint odor of... um... yeah.  Anyway.  We are happy and we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with many delights. 

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Wishing you all good health and much joy in the days to come!