Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Two Monsters

Much discussion there was about what the twins should be for Halloween this year.  Halloween costumes are so fun with twins.  Twins are so hard that anything fun with them needs to be milked for all it's worth.  

We finally decided that it only made sense for them to be monsters.  We joked that there was no need to dress them up at all, but I got these cute pink monster suits anyway.  They weren't anything extraordinary-- just the cheap stuff you find at Walmart-- but they fit the bill.  

Here was the thing about Halloween this year: it was so crazy busy that I didn't get any pictures that night.  I had to take Bean to football practice and as we were coming home the kids were just heading out to trick or treat around the neighborhood and I had to rush to catch up with them.  Then coming home we were dealing with tired twins in meltdown mode.  It's been at the back of my mind ever since, and just this very evening I put these costumes back on the twins and shot some photos.  Only a whole month late, but at least I got them.  And, gratefully, they turned out adorable.  See for yourself.  (Leaf is on the left, Twig is on the right.)