Saturday, October 1, 2016

Twenty Two Months

I am a bit late for my monthly update on the twins, but they are now 22 months old and I will tell you all you need to know about them. 


The end.

Just kidding.  

The sleep thing has been a huge issue lately,  as I mentioned in my last post. 

I do not think they could possibly get any cuter.  They say more and more words, and I love this age of monosyllabic speech. They are learning parts of the body: "Nose!"  They love animals.  "Puppy!" 

They have lost interest in the stove ("hot!") but they love to push the buttons on the dishwasher, turning it on when it should be off.   They can reach farther and father back on the kitchen counters, grabbing whatever they can get their hands on that people have inadvertently left within their reach, such as knives.  Twig just got to where she can reach the spigot of our Berkey water filter and she loves to fill whatever cup or container she can find and then carry it around, sloshing water in her wake.  Twig really loves water.  If she can get on the counter and play in the sink she is thrilled.  

Leaf's not into water, but she's on a quest to unroll all the toilet paper in the house.

It is so cute to see them moving into the realm of imaginary play.  I have put away most of the baby toys (rattles, teethers, etc.) and filled the toy baskets with things like Little People farm and Schleich figures.  Tonight we got out the doll house stuff for the first time in awhile and it was so darling to see them playing with it.  

Anything and everything that possibly can be turned into a step stool will be.  Cardboard boxes, laundry baskets (after they empty out all the clothes), toy buckets...

They love books and will let you read to them.  And they LOVE to get ahold of pencils/crayons/pens/whatever and "write" on anything they can find.  

All of my other kids could be contained at this age for quite some time in their high chairs.  Buckle them in, give them some Cheerios or a banana or whatever, and they'd be good to go for a long time. You could unload the dishwasher and mop the kitchen floor in peace!   But not the twins.  They don't really like being in their high chairs.  One of the chairs is too easy to climb out of, so only one of them can ever be secure at a time (I need to fix this, but... life is happening.)  A good deal of the time they do not have meals in their high chairs.  They just come up to anyone who has a dish of food and say "bite?  bite?  BITE?" until they get a bite.  Chew, swallow, repeat.  You can't eat anything around here without a baby on each side of you saying "bite?" in stereo until your plate is empty.  We've learned to pile our plates high so we have plenty to share.  

It actually works better to feed them on the fly like that because they will eat just about anything from my spoon, but when they are self-feeding in their chairs they throw most things on the floor.  I would say they are picky eaters but they aren't when it's coming from my plate.  It is hard to get them to drink though.  They do not like water or milk and we are reluctant to give them much juice.  We just keep pushing the water and hope that they are getting enough even though they don't drink much of any given cup.  

I want to write down as much as possible about them so that I can remember it in years to come, especially when they have kids of their own and say "Mom, I never did this, did I?"  And I can prove to them that "yes, you did."  However, I have unwisely stayed up late writing this and I'm going to pay for it early tomorrow morning, so I'd better sign off now.  I will try to get some pictures on here soon.

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