Saturday, October 8, 2016


Oh, I am enjoying October!  The leaves are starting to turn here and there, though they are mostly still a rather weary green at this point.  The prairie grasses are a soft blond, the soybean fields are a bright, golden yellow, and the rust-colored tops of the sorghum plants are striking.  

 It's time to get out my beloved comfy, snuggly-warm clothes.  Hoodies are just heaven, especially on a crisp October evening walk.

Just so you know, the only thing cuter in the entire world than a toddler in sleepers is TWO toddlers in sleepers. 

We have had the perfect amount of wild winds and angry rains to break up the usually sunny, mild weather. 

We've already had our annual pumpkin patch trip, which is a highlight for me.  It wasn't the easiest trip with me as the only adult with six little ones, but it was still fun.  I learned that while the animal backpack leashes were a good idea, trying to hold two leashes at once didn't work so hot.  One baby out on a leash and one in the stroller, trading off every little bit, was the way to go. 

We just finished our first homeschool break week and it is a nice reprieve.   Six weeks on/one week off works perfect for me.  With a week off I was excited to really clean my house.   My schedule is so demanding lately that a funny thing has happened to me: I get excited when I actually have time to clean.  It's so lovely making order out of the chaos and making my home pretty again (even if it's just for a few seconds until the twins come along!)  It makes me so grateful for what I have.  If you had told me years ago that the day would come when cleaning was my hobby and my break from life, I would have thrown something at you. 

Football is tremendously demanding on our evenings but it gets us out of the house into this lovely weather.  Often we drive to away games and we get to enjoy the beauty of the prairie in the fall as we drive.  I love watching Bean's team play.   Something clicked for me this year and the game is starting to make sense.  After all these years sitting on the sidelines saying "Yay, team!   I have no idea what's going on!" I am finally starting to understand football.   It makes it all the more enjoyable. 

Life is good, my friends.  Even the spiderwebs are beautiful right now.  

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