Friday, September 2, 2016

September Afternoon Ramblings

I am cuddled up in a soft blanket next to a gently-snoring Twig.  My other kids think I am asleep, so the older ones are managing the younger ones in other parts of the house.  A quiet break in the middle of the day is essential to my health and sanity.  Usually I do sleep during this time, but today I don't need to.  So I am just soaking in the calm.  It won't last. 

September is here!  The -ber months have arrived at last.    I savor every one of these days.  I love the season of harvest and of gratitude for God's bounty.  This is a time for reflection, for turning inward.  It is also the time when my soul is the most thrilled to be on this magnificent earth. 

Right now the theme music to Sense and Sensibility is stuck in my head.  We watched it last night, the Badger and I (along with a heap of squirmy, chattery children.)  We do so love Jane Austen movies in this house.   It's one of my favorite things about my Badger, that he loves those movies. 
It's fun to see different movie versions of the same story. Last night we watched the BBC's 2007 version of Sense and Sensibility (warning: skip the very first scene; after that it's wonderful.)  I always wish I could make a hybrid movie with my favorite characters and sets from each version.  I really loved the actresses for the Dashwood sisters in this version, but give me the other Willoughby,  please.  And I loved Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon because I love Alan Rickman,  but this guy was perhaps better suited to the role. 

Overall,  I think my favorite Jane Austen story is Persuasion.   I really relate to Anne Elliot in many ways.  

Homeschool is going well.  Let's talk about that for a minute.

I bought Kumon cutting and tracing workbooks for Frog and he can't stop doing them.  He just loves them.  He has almost used them up already.   I shall have to buy more.  Probably many more.  It's nice to have Frog so thoroughly occupied while I work with other kids.   I have already seen his fine motor skills improve. 

Peanut really needs to work on her fine motor skills too.  I have started the Developing the Early Learner workbooks with her.  What I love about those is that it shows you what learning readiness skills they are strong in and what they are not.  It's giving me a better idea of what Peanut needs to work on. 

The biggest thing Peanut needs to work on is learning her letters and numbers.  This is not coming easy to her at this point.  The few letters she can recognize right now represent major victories. 
Deciding how hard to push Peanut is something I am trying to figure out right now.  I am really liking the Good and the Beautiful curriculum and I would like to do the Kindergarten level with Peanut,  but the child is supposed to know their letters before they start.  She is almost six, so it is not unreasonable to want to teach her the alphabet.  On the other hand, I am very well aware of the fact that some children just need more time and they catch up when they're ready. 

Roo and Rabbit are doing great.  We are doing Apologia Science's anatomy book this year, and it's time to make edible cells.  I took them to the store this morning for the supplies and watched their eyes get wider and wider as their normally straight-laced mother bought such rare delights as Smarties and Nerds and M&Ms.  I am just realizing, however, that I intended to hide these items away before quiet time.  I forgot, so maybe there won't be much left for the cells when I get up from this rest.  Hee hee! 

My phone battery is low and Twig is awake, so it is time to go back into the fray.  Enjoy your September, my friends!

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Anne Elliot is my favorite Jane Austen heroine, too!

Wishing you joy in your September as well!