Sunday, September 4, 2016

Our School Room 2016

Using our formal dining room for a school room in this house has worked out well.  It is a little small, but it is bright, cheerful, and accessible.  When we were shopping for houses I thought a lot about whether I wanted to buy a rambler with a basement where we could have a lot of room for our school, or a two-story.  there are advantages and disdvantages either way, to be sure.  Overall, though, I like how we can spill over into the comfortable living room and how the kitchen is right there too.

Since our school room is right off the main living area, however, I like it to have an attractive appearance.  Everyone who comes over sees it and so I like it to look nice.  Or at least clean up nice for company.

Last month I worked really hard to get our school room in order.  It was pretty messy...

But I think it cleaned up very nice.  An attractive school room is good for my soul.  

This fall I finally put our school tree back up.  It hasn't been seen since Oklahoma, and the kids were thrilled to see it again.  I think this is one of the best homeschool purchases I have ever made.

They all decided which animal they were and where they wanted to hang it on the tree.  I then made labels with their names on them with my handy-dandy label printer, which is a new tool in my teacher arsenal.

Over the summer I went through that entire bookshelf and reorganized it.  I love an organized bookshelf!

The Rabbit loves our school!  And I have loved those Ikea shelves for organizing each kids' books!

Here's a better shot of the tree.   It makes the room very cheerful.  

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