Saturday, August 27, 2016

Twenty One Months

We've rounded the third corner and now we're on the home stretch to the twin's second birthday.

They have gotten a lot harder lately.  They are really a handful, and it's exhausting.  They tear around the house giggly madly and destroying things.  They climb, they unload, they dump, they splash.

They do play with toys more though.  I can get out a tub of Little People or blocks and they will sit on the living room floor for quite awhile with them.  This has really helped with homeschool.

Working on the computer is hard.  If I sit at the computer they come running.  They fuss at me and climb up on me and then proceed to bang on the keyboard and grab the mouse, etc.  In fact, at this very minute that is what they are doing.

I love hearing them say the names of their older siblings.  I love the way they adore their older brothers and sisters.  Leaf likes to order Roo around.  She will take Roo's hand and lead her here and there and indicate what she wants her to do.  She knows she can get away with it with sweet Roo.  And Fish and Twig have a special relationship that is just adorable.

Sleeping is still a huge issue.  It will get better, then it will get worse.  I think they are just light sleepers, so anything that could possibly bother them while they are asleep will wake them up.  And when one wakes up the other wakes up.  Last night Twig woke up at 1 am scratching some mosquito bites and crying.  (I don't think I have ever had a kid wake up in the middle of the night with mosquito bites before... many times it has made them have a hard time falling asleep, but it has never woken them up before.)  Anyway, Leaf woke up too, and it took me over an hour to resettle them.  Then Twig woke up bright and early (about 6) all cute and cheerful.  She woke up Leaf and there was no hope of me sleeping in.  So I am struggling today, which is why I am sitting at the computer instead of deep cleaning the bathrooms, which is what I was supposed to do this morning.  They badly need it, but I just can't.

I really try to just enjoy the nighttime episodes.  I'm stuck with them, so I might as well.  It's uninterrupted time with my sweet babies, who won't be babies much longer.  I take them into the rocking chair, I squish their chubby legs, stroke their soft fuzzy heads, and hum softly to them.  Bliss in the middle of difficulty... isn't that what motherhood is all about?


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Oh! When my babies wake each other up. I am not as sweet natured as you are! I need to follow your example.

Beth Hedengren said...

Love the image of you in rocking your fuzzy cherubs in the middle of the night finding joy in the difficulty.