Saturday, August 6, 2016

This Week

On this lazy Saturday afternoon I have decided to write a rambling blog post about whatever. 

I am lying here next to some sleeping children.  I just had a nap myself.  I am grateful for naps.  And grateful for sleeping children.  They are so much quieter in that state. 

We have survived a week of two-a-day football practices for Bean.  To kick off the season, they started with a bang.  Every morning at 6 am and every evening at 6 pm he had to be there.  The 6 am wasn't too bad for me once I figured out that after I drove him there I could climb into the back seat of my big Moose of a van and go back to sleep.  I think I slept better there than I would have at home with teething twins waking me up all the time. 

Bean was dreading this week, but now that it's over he is glad he did it.   He is in much better shape.  He has the makings of a really fine football player if he will work hard.  He certainly has the size for it. 

My mother's birthday is coming right up.  We are not one of those families that makes a huge deal out of birthdays; usually a phone call suffices.  However, a couple weeks ago,  during the flood of inspiration that I always have during church on Sundays, I had a fun idea.

My oldest brother and his family have a game that they have been playing for years to celebrate birthdays at their house.  It is simple.  During the family birthday dinner, everyone takes turns guessing the birthday person's favorites.  So, someone will say "what's Bobby's favorite flavor of ice cream?" or whatever, and then everyone in the room gets a guess before Bobby tells his answer. 

The Badger and I took inspiration from this several years ago and started doing it with our family.  The kids love it because it makes them feel so special, and it's a simple way for us all to know each other better as we are more aware of what makes each other happy.  We recently enjoyed playing "The Fish Game" on Fish's birthday and "The Bean Game" on Bean's birthday.  

The idea that came to me was to play "The Mom Game" with my siblings by email.  I emailed my mom and asked her to email me a list of her favorites.   I emailed my siblings and asked them to fill out a list of what they thought her favorites were.   They all thought it was a fun idea.  I have had so much fun getting their emails back and reading their answers.  It has been a very warm fuzzy experience and I can't wait to compile everyone's guesses and send them out with the answers. 

Speaking of my family, we enjoyed a visit from my oldest brother (Uncle Owl) and his family this past week.  He and Aunt Tofu and their two youngest boys stayed with us for three nights.  We showed them a few sights, but we mostly hung around the house talking and eating and laughing together.   The cousins played endless card games.  Everyone enjoyed watching the twins.  It was wonderful.   Family is precious.  

I am re-reading the book "Yearning for the Living God," which is the memoirs of Elder F. Enzio Busche, a former General Authority of the LDS church.  I enjoyed it tremendously years ago and am enjoying it again.  I am hoping I can get Bean to read it too.  I am always looking for ways I can help my children keep the Sabbath day holy.  Every age has its fresh challenges on that front.  For my teenagers, I am hoping to encourage them to start reading books like this.  When I was a teen I began to discover that some of the books on Gospel topics that my parents had were not as utterly boring as I had always thought.   Some of them were actually quite interesting.   (Most of them were still boring until I was grown up.)  Looking through the eyes of a teenager though,  I am hoping to compile a list of books that my teens would enjoy reading on the Sabbath.  Any suggestions?  

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Bethany C. said...

When I was homeschooled as a teenager, one of the things I loved best was the books we read as a family. I would recommend "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom and "The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother" - Lucy Mack Smith. I remember really enjoying them as a teen. I also enjoyed "In the Eye of the Storm", Elder Groberg's book which has since been reprinted as "The Other Side of Heaven". (There is also a sequel, "Fire of Faith", I think, though I haven't read that one.) We have a tradition in my family now, of reading a book together on Sundays. It's a nice way to add variety to family scripture study. We've enjoyed Pres. Monson's biography, "To the Rescue" and Pres. Boyd K. Packer's "Memorable Stories and Parables". The latter was nice because of its concise chapters.