Saturday, August 27, 2016

Late Summer Garden

To be honest, I have been ignoring my garden for awhile.  It's no fun being out there in the heat, and once football practices start I can't spend my evenings out there.

The summer heat has broken now, and we are looking at several weeks of lovely warm weather.  Yesterday morning after I had school under control I went out and poked around, mostly to see how bad it was.

The kids' garden area isn't too bad.  Other than the section of grass that I have still never finished digging out, there weren't very many weeds.   Probably the worst thing going on out there is that we haven't been picking our tomatoes regularly and there were many rotting on the vines.  Shame on us!  My pioneer grandmothers would be appalled.

I looked at my little patch of parsley and said, "hey!  Someon'es been eating my parsley!"  And then I saw who it was.  Can you see him?  He's going to be a black swallowtail, that one.  I'll forgive him the parsley for that.  I don't use it much, anyway.

Fish's exemplary tomato plant...  I must say, those nice tomato ladders I bought from Gardener's Supply a few years ago are so much better than the $1.50 tomato cages I bought at Aldi.  All those cheap cages have fallen over with the weight of our very abundant plants.  

The Rabbit accidentally dropped a packet of sunflower seeds in the dirt last spring.  I thinned them a bit when they first sprouted, and then left them alone.  They ended up growing about 10 feet high and producing some nice-sized flowers, which are now dying off and looking brown and yucky.  So this is the best picture you'll get of our sunflowers this year.  

So, my back garden is an absolute mess.  Totally overgrown with grass and bindweed.  The squash bugs got the zuchinni, and now they're after the pumpkins and melons as well, but I can't even hardly get at them to apply the Sevin Dust I finally broke down and bought.  (I would really like to be an organic gardener.  But I have tried and tried to organically control squash bugs for years and it hasn't gone well.)  If I can just get back there and clear everything out...

I did poke around back there and find a few tomatoes and a pepper.  The twins thought these lovely red balls were super fun.

I love watching babies mess around in gardens.  It just seems so natural and right.  And I hope it means that they will carry on a love of gardening to the next generation.

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