Monday, July 25, 2016

Twenty Months

Can they get any cuter??????

This last month has seen many changes.  New words are popping up: book, phone, cup, hug, hello (not "hi" like babies often say, but "hello!")  I think the cutest thing is when they say each other's names.  I also love it when I come home from being gone and they come running to me with outstretched arms saying "Hug!  Hug!"

Do you know what the funniest thing is?  Lately, we can't tell them apart.  No, like, even I can't tell them apart.  I was so sure that as they got older they would look more and more different.  Nope.  If you asked me right now I would say they are identical.   I can tell you that this first picture is Leaf and the second one is Twig but I have to look pretty close.

Their mischief has shifted.  Leaf no longer dumps the bookshelf (hooray!)  Now they LOVE the toothbrush drawer in my bathroom (where we keep all the family's toothbrushes.)  Toothbrushes are their favorite things to carry around.  Keeping them out of bathrooms is the prime directive at our house right now.  They also love stuffed animals and dolls.  And sitting and looking at books.  And trying on hats.  Oh, these are delightful times!

Twig's new thing is to try to climb up on the stove.  She grabs the handle of the oven door and stands up on the oven drawer.  This is a very dangerous situation so we really have to keep an eye on her (and we're trying to only use the back burners for cooking!)  Usually they grasp the concept of "hot" pretty quickly at this age, so I am hopeful that she can be taught not to do this soon.  

Climbing is a popular pasttime.  They can now climb out stools and get on the kitchen counter.  We pretty much keep all the chairs in the house tipped over on their sides.  It makes my dining areas into obstacle courses for the rest of us, but it keeps the babies off the tables and counters.  It's funny how I couldn't wait until we could stop blocking the stairs so that our house could be less cluttered and look so much neater and nicer.  Now the stairs are clear but the chairs are on their sides and my clean, clear bathroom counter is cluttered with toothbrushes.  As you move from one stage to the next you leave behind old challenges and inconveniences only to take on new ones.  

I wish their diet was better.  We have needed to feed them as easily as possible and that hasn't always been as healthy as I would like.  They tend to gobble down anything unhealthy (cheese, Ritz crackers, anything chocolate) but throw things like peas and carrots across the room.  But I keep trying, and they are still nursing so I am sure that helps.  And they love pinto beans, which is my go-to food for raising a big family on the cheap.  They are growing well and Twig is noticably bigger than Leaf, which is so funny after all we went through last year with her not gaining weight.  

The best thing is that they are finally sleeping better.  It's still not awesome, but at this point it's manageable.  YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!

We love our twinses!


Diane said...

Oh the joys of toddlers! But, yay for sleeping better! It sounds like things are going pretty well.

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Yes, toddler challenges and joys . . . sometimes I just cry--like yesterday when I paid for the 3rd ruined library book in 2 weeks . . .