Monday, July 25, 2016

Fish as George

Have you ever seen A Room with a View?   You need to cut out a couple of scenes, but then it is one of my favorite movies.  I love the characters: Lucy Honeychurch and her brother Freddy, Cecil, Mr. Beebe, Charlotte Bartlett, and, of course, George.  It's hard not to love George.  Apparently he left an impression on Fish when he saw the movie.  We don't own the movie (because of those couple of scenes) so the kids haven't watched it over and over again, but some of us watched it the last time we were in Utah.  And Fish liked it.

Fish, you are one of my favorite people ever.

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Bethany C. said...

"George Emerson is simply ripping!" -- Freddy Honeychurch
Love that book/movie. Haven't seen it for a very long time. How cool that Fish appreciated it!