Monday, July 25, 2016

Blackberry Picking

One of the delights of our July this year was a trip to the blackberry bramble.  

You know I love berry picking with my kids.  Bean and Fish decided they were not interested, so they stayed home with the twins.  I missed having them there, but it sure was easier without the twins.  Oh, so much easier.  This actually happens a lot lately.  The boys want to stay home, so I leave the twins with them.  Then I am out and about having adventures with kids ages 10, 8, 5, and 3.  Just four kids is easy peasy, and they are at the perfect ages for adventures.  Roo is old enough to be quite helpful, they can all buckle and unbuckle themselves in the car, and no strollers are needed.  We have wonderful times, and the blackberry patch was definitely a highlight of our summer.

They had a bumper crop this year and we were amazed and thrilled to partake of their bounty.  I am sorry I didn't get any pictures of us picking.  Alas.  

But can you believe the size of these berries????

Aren't they gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous???

We ate most of them fresh.  But I did make one pie.  

(I like a crumb crust on top of my pies, don't you?)

One bite of this pie and I was transported back to Grandma Edna's house in Oregon during the early years of our marriage.   She, like pretty much everyone else in the Willamette Valley, had lots of wild blackberries growing around her house.  Summer in Oregon means as many free blackberries as you care to pick for yourself.  Grandma cared to pick quite a few, and a visit to her home in August on your way to the beach always meant pie.  Oh, heaven!  Grandma, I miss you.  I will always think of you when I pick and eat blackberries.

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