Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Different Speed

I had a very interesting week in the middle of July this year.  The Badger took the older boys and the Rabbit camping in Colorado and left me home with Roo, Peanut, Frog, and the twins.  (I made him leave Roo home to help me with all those littles!)

Life was so different that week.  The biggest difference was with food.  I could buy a gallon of milk and it would last longer than 24 hours.  There were always leftovers of whatever meal I made.

 In my normal life I don't have much time to fuss with food; it has to be fast, easy, cheap, and plentiful. During this week, I seized the opportunity to try several new recipes.  I enjoyed preparing them because I didn't have to cook a mountain of whatever it was.  Roo really appreciated this change of pace, as did I.  We sometimes ate treat food: prepared stuff that is normally too expensive for my crew, like frozen pizza and Life cereal.  And we sometimes enjoyed spending time together in the kitchen making the kind of food I don't normally have time to mess with.  One day Roo and I decided to make something I've seen floating around the internet: that thing where you push dry spaghetti noodles through hotdog chunks and then boil them so they look like squids.  I was curious to see how it would turn out.  The spaghetti inside the hotdogs was a little chewy, but it wasn't bad.  They sure were fun to make.

Going places was difficult.  I had to take everyone with me and it was a lot of buckling and unbuckling.  It would have been impossible without Roo.  For instance, when I go to the grocery store with all four littles I need two carts just to contain all those kids, so I need someone to help me push the carts.

Other than the store, we didn't venture out much.  Outings were just too much work.  But we did more "little kid" stuff at home than usual.  I read lots of stories.

Bedtime was hard, I have to say, as well as getting up at night with whatever twin.  Nighttime was when I missed the boys and the Badger the most.  Also, exercise was just about impossible.

What was funny was that I found housework easier than normal, even though it was the big kids that were gone.  I felt like when I cleaned up that things stayed cleaner longer, and I felt like I could straighten things up and get the dishes done before I went to bed (usually I am dropping with exhaustion at that point.)  And the laundry was a piece of cake!  I really felt on top of my game when it came to housework.

Even weirder, we were EARLY to church on Sunday.  Even with all those babies to dress!  We are always late to church.  I still can't figure that one out.  It must have been a fluke.  

Yes, having only five kids seemed easy to me in most ways.  That's kind of scary when I think about it.  Also, I could definitely see how your world is much smaller when you have only tiny kids around.  As they grow older, things expand.  I know some moms at home with toddlers feel so stir-crazy in that limited world.  I know I felt that way at times years ago, so it's funny to me how refreshing it felt to dial back down to such a simple lifestyle.

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

And quiet--the house is so quiet when the big kids are gone! Everyone says it is the little kids who are loud, but my house is quiet without the big ones!