Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tallgrass Prairie

A couple of weeks ago we visited Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve with some fun friends of ours, and I thought I would share some pictures.

We happened to show up on the one day of the year when they have special farm activities for the kids to do, including milking goats.  Oh, my older kids were excited about getting to milk a goat again!

And the Badger loved holding a baby goat again!  We miss our farm days.  I am glad we are not farming right now, but I would like to again someday in the future.   

After the kids did farm chores, we went on a glorious hike over the green, green prairie.  It was so incredibly beautiful.   There was an amazing variety of wildflowers in bloom.

Here is a picture of Fish and Twig at the farmhouse (which you can tour and which is very cool!)

Here is a butterfly that we all thought was just gorgeous. 

It was a really magical day. 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Days like that renew my soul. I'm glad you got to have a magical outing with your family. :)