Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Potatoes and Fireflies

Harvesting potatoes is one of the funnest garden chores.  You are literally digging for treasure.  It's a blast with little kids.  Last night when it was finally cool enough to be able to stand being outside, I went out and dug up some of the potatoes that are ready in my potato patch. These happened to be the extra-fun red and blue varieties.  I had a lot of help, and we had a lot of fun!

As we were finishing up, it was firefly time.  I still can't get over the magic of fireflies.  They make me so happy!  I love to watch the kids running around the yard, calling out "I caught one!"  I love it that they are so easy to catch that even Frog can manage it.  And I really, really love it that our yard has a lot of them! 

Frog loves to catch fireflies.  The other kids have already gotten tired of it this season, but not Frog.  He is always so excited to go out in the twilight and chase them around the yard.  Last night I tried to get some pictures of this.  They didn't turn out as fabulous as I had hoped, but they will be good memories in the future. 

I kept hoping that I would catch some fireflies on camera... there were dozens of them twinkling all over the yard.  But they are hard to photograph!  In this picture, there is a firefly lit up by Frog's foot that just looks like a light speck.  

And this one turned out blurry, but I had to keep it because there was definitely a green light from a firefly!  

The twins like fireflies too!  

Good times!

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