Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nineteen Months

Life with the twins is very busy and exciting these days.  Now that they have full mobility, it's time for them to start learning to talk in earnest.  So far it's just mostly experimenting with various sounds, but it's so cute to hear them babble, especially to each other.

They play together a lot now, and I keep coming across cute little tableaus like this:

Or this one, which I found one morning when I came downstairs.  "Let's sit in the brown chair together and play with our stuffed animals."

Less fun, of course, is when they hurt each other and make each other cry.  But they definitely cooperate more often than they fight. 

They each have their favorite naughty thing to do.  Leaf has a specific bookshelf that she unloads again and again and again, sometimes multiple times a day and often right after I have just put the books back.   And they are quality homeschool books and right in a major traffic pattern, so they get stepped on a lot.  I should probably move them to a safer location, but I keep thinking she will get tired of it soon. But she hasn't yet.

Leaf also really likes to put things in her mouth still.  So, we have to really watch stuff like Legos and marbles still with the bigger kids.  Twig loves to throw all the shoes off the shoe rack in my closet.  And both of them adore climbing on the table or counter and throwing anything they find there onto the floor (we have lost several dishes in recent weeks!) 

I really wish they slept better.  Leaf likes to stay up late and Twig likes to get up really early, so I end up getting shortchanged on both ends night after night after night.  It's really taking a toll on me. 

But there are no words to convey to you the cuteness and the dearness of those two little sets of shining eyes and chubby hands.  When they coming running with their arms outstretched to hug me after I've been gone, or when I watch the two of them babble and play together, or when I get two sets of gooey kisses, those are the moments my cup runneth over. 

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Melissa said...

They look so big! They are darling! ❤️