Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Chance to Blog

It is so hard to find a time to blog lately!  I am now competing with at least four kids who always want to be using the computer and then I have several small ones who always seem to want my attention.  If I do sit down to type, I end up having several kids climb on me and it's hard to type.  Getting to type with both hands is a rare, rare luxury for me these days.  It's ironic to me that I spend so much time using screens and yet it's so hard for me to write like I want to... it's easy for me to browse on my phone while nursing the babies or when I'm unwinding at the end of the day when the lights are out, but if I am going to be on a screen I would really like to be able to type with both hands on a real keyboard. 

Here it is a pleasant Sunday afternoon and I have negotiated with the kids for an hour of computer time with both hands free.  I want to catch up on my blog!  Where to begin?

Here comes Twig crying and wanting to be held.  Okay, so it will be computer time with one hand free.  Well, with one hand it is easy to post pictures! 

Here are some I took of the yard and garden at the very end of May.  Do you remember in 2014 how I took pictures of the garden every month so we could see how it grew?   I think I will do that this year.

We had a lot of rain in May, so everything was very green and muddy.  

Here is the kids' garden area... still looking a little messy around the edges, but lots of good things are growing.  And that $10 bale of peat moss has provided hours of extremely messy entertainment for the twins.  

Roo's garden... I need to get a better picture of the little fairy garden kits we found at Aldi.  We have been wanting to make fairy gardens forever, and then one day there were these perfect little kits at Aldi for a good price so we bought a couple.  You can see a little bit of the picket fence in this picture.  I will get more pictures later. 

The twins love the peat moss best right after a rain storm when it's soggy...

Gotta love the muddy hand prints all over the side of the house! Kids!

My front yard flowers are growing well and looking better and better all the time!  They make me so happy!

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