Friday, May 6, 2016

Outside Pictures

We are totally loving this honeysuckle bush on our back deck!  

Here you can see where I've been planting things out front.  I planted several plants each of salvia, blanketflower, and echinacea.  My friends gave me the celosia (the small plants with red leaves) and while it was not something I would have picked out myself at the nursery I am loving the contrast it provides. 

Here's two of the spirea, with the crape myrtle behind.  The red-leafed barberry bush on the left and the large yew on the right came with the house.  The barberry has been nicknamed "the Youch bush" because of the prickles.   Some of us want to tear it out... we shall see.

Two more spirea with one more crape myrtle on the other side of the bay window:

And here we are working in our garden plots out back.  Don't let Fish's face fool you.  He's loving it out there, as are we all.  

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