Friday, May 6, 2016

Happiness Is...

...a trip to the greenhouse in May!  Look at what gets to live and grow in our garden!

I am sorry if I was kind of gloomy on here last week.  It turned out I was coming down with a bit of a cold and that was making me extra tired. 

I truly love teaching my children.  I think I am a good teacher, and I am very grateful that I can have them home with me.  I also do worry about being spread too thin.  And I want to make sure Bean has a high school experience that will open the doors of his future and not hold him back.  I would love to see some or all of the kids branch out more and have more experiences outside the home in the near future.  But if the Spirit guides me to school all of them home next year, I will do it gladly, I will give it my all, and I am sure that along with frustration and fatigue we will have a lot of really wonderful times. 

In the mean time, we have a garden to grow!

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