Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Eighteen Months

We have now made it to a year and a half with the twins.  It seems like a pretty big milestone.  They are not really babies anymore, though in some ways they are more baby-like than my other kids at this age.  Maybe it just feels that way because the normal demands on me are doubled.  But they do still nap twice a day and nurse frequently round the clock, so I definitely still feel like I'm in the baby zone.

People are always telling me how chill they are.  They are pretty mellow, which is such a blessing.  They do egg each other on when it comes to mischief though.

They love stuffed animals and books.   And my cell phone.  And chewing on the charge cord for my cell phone.  We have had to buy six or seven new charge cords over the last several months because the twins ruin them when they chew on them.  I try to keep them out of their reach, but they somehow always find them. 

In these pictures Twig is on the left and Leaf is on the right. 

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